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Physical Therapy and Rehab

Whether you have sustained a serious injury, are recovering from a significant surgical procedure, or suffering from a condition that affects your mobility, physical therapy will likely be key to restoring you to optimal health. Our dedicated physicians and physical therapists offer these key, transitional treatments to ensure that our patients and their loved ones can get back to their day-to-day activity as swiftly and safely as possible.

Physical therapy is critical for patients who have experienced trauma in an accident (such as a sports activity or car accident), have had a surgical procedure, or suffer from another condition that has a negative impact on their motor functions. This therapy is about building the mobility, strength, and coordination so that patients can return to the activity and independence they enjoyed before their medical issue.

Physical therapy can consist of stretches and exercises, use of wheelchairs, crutches and other medical equipment, regular monitoring, and physical evaluations, and even counseling services. We also understand that this process isn't always just physical in nature—but emotional as well. Our physical therapists partner closely with these patients to overcome the challenges of physical therapy, meet goals and achieve a recovery that puts them on a path to better, stronger health.