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Spinal Manipulation Under Anesthesia

Manipulation under anesthesia or fibrosis release procedures is a multidisciplinary, chronic pain-related manual therapy modality which is used for the purpose of improving articular and soft tissue movement. This is accomplished by way of a combination of controlled joint mobilization/manipulation and myofascial release techniques. Medication-assisted manipulation may also be used to describe the procedure, although that term more broadly categorizes the varied forms of existing MUA techniques. In any form, MUA is used by osteopathic/orthopedic physicians and specially trained chiropractors. It is intended as a means of breaking up adhesions of or about spinal joints, or extremity joint articulations to which painfully restricted range of motion significantly limits function. Failed attempts at other standard conservative treatment methods, over a sufficient time-frame, is one of the principal patient qualifiers.

Typically, spinal MUA is performed for chronic back and/or neck pain that involves tissue inflammation, muscle tenderness or spasm, and/or reduced range of motion. It may also be performed in certain cases where an entrapped nerve causes pain to radiate from the spine down into an arm or leg, or up into the head. Sometimes spinal MUA is performed for nonspecific spinal pain where the exact cause is unknown